The continent of Xol’kuju is a land of unknowns. Floating and grounded geometric ruins covered in a glyphic language speak of an ancient and now extinct civilization that once lived here, the Xolu. After years of careful study, Raavyly scholars managed to decipher the ancient glyphs so they could be read for the first time in millennia. Glyphs found on a monument on an island off the coast of the continent tell of an ancient calamity caused by a great god-creature which wiped out the entire mainland Xolu population.

Despite this ancient portent of the dangers of the continent, Raavyly adventurers and settlers arrive in the port of New Raavylym near monthly. In only 30 years of occupation, the city of New Raavylym has grown from a loose collection of settlers’ huts to a bustling colonial city with stone edifices reminiscent of those of the mother continent. An almost constant stream of green adventurers venture out of the city gates into the wild unknown, many never to be heard from again, but some surviving long enough to take up the mantles of guide, treasure-hunter, and cartographer.

In light of competition for riches among adventurers, reliable maps of the continent only show up to a few miles inland. Those seeking specific interior locales must hire one of a few seasoned guides or risk travelling the wilderness blind.

Map of the Xol’kuju coastline with Xol’kuju Bay and New Raavylym area marked in red


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